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CL-Sámi academica


CL-Sámi academica

is a series of refereed scholarly publications on Sámi and Indigenous research. The press has its own editorial committee, which represents a wide range of research fields, including: linguistics, culture, literature, traditional knowledge, social sciences and legal studies. In addition to vetting within the committee, the press engages the foremost researchers in each field in peer review of series publications.

Series Editor: Harald Gaski

The members of the editorial committee (with disciplinary specializations) are as follows:

  • Professor FD Vuokko Hirvonen, Sami University College (literature, education, traditional knowledge)
  • Professor TD Håkan Rydving, University of Bergen (religious studies, linguistics, culture)
  • Professor PhD Thomas A. DuBois, University of Wisconsin, Madison (folkloristics, linguistics, culture)
  • Professor FD Mikael Svonni, University of Tromsø (linguistics, culture)
  • Head of Research and Development Dr. Philos Vigdis Stordahl, Sami National Centre for Mental Health, Karasjok (social sciences, culture)
  • Associate Professor Dr. Art Gunvor Guttorm, Sami University College (handicrafts, arts, traditional knowledge)
  • Associate Professor Dr. Juris Ánde Somby, University of Tromsø (judicial studies, performing arts)