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The Salmon Lords take over Deatnu/the Tana River
Aage Solbakk

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The first English anglers looking for good salmon fishing began arriving in Norway around 1830. It was these anglers who brought fly fishing to Norwegian rivers, also to Deatnu/Tana. Called «salmon lords» by the Norwegians, they belonged to the British upper classes. Some were bona fide members of the nobility, some bore the title of «baron» while others were higher military officers. Common to all of them was a certain level of wealth that freed them from the cares of making a living. At this time the British Empire was at the peak of its power and a whole retinue of servants came along as part of the traveling party across the North Sea.


Sider 32

ISBN: 978-82-8263-044-3

NOK  160,-   

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